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Firefox only

An item that appears on a toolbar. This element should wrap all customizable items (unless they're instances of toolbarbutton). If you don't need the thing you're placing in the toolbar to be customized then it doesn't need to be in a toolbaritem element.

The element is used, for example, to hold the location bar's textbox in Firefox. It is also used to group buttons together so they can be added and removed all at once like Firefox's unified-back-forward-button.



    <menulist label="Bus">
       <menuitem label="Car"/>
       <menuitem label="Taxi"/>
       <menuitem label="Bus" selected="true"/>
       <menuitem label="Train"/>


    <toolbaritem id="sample-toolbutton-unified">
        <toolbarbutton id="myext-button1" class="toolbarbutton-1" label="Label1" />
        <toolbarbutton id="myext-button2" class="toolbarbutton-1" label="Labe2l" />



Inherited from XUL element
align, allowevents, allownegativeassertions, class, coalesceduplicatearcs, collapsed, container, containment, context, contextmenu, datasources, dir, empty, equalsize, flags, flex, height, hidden, id, insertafter, insertbefore, left, maxheight, maxwidth, menu, minheight, minwidth, mousethrough, observes, ordinal, orient, pack, persist, popup, position, preference-editable, querytype, ref, removeelement, sortDirection, sortResource, sortResource2, statustext, style, template, tooltip, tooltiptext, top, uri, wait-cursor, width


Inherited Properties
align, , allowEvents, , boxObject, builder, , , , className, , , , , collapsed, contextMenu, controllers, database, datasources, dir, , , flex, height, hidden, id, , , left, , maxHeight, maxWidth, menu, minHeight, minWidth, , , , , , , observes, ordinal, orient, , pack, , persist, , , , ref, resource, , , , , statusText, style, ,, tooltip, tooltipText, top, width


Inherited Methods
addEventListener(), appendChild(), blur, click, cloneNode(), compareDocumentPosition, dispatchEvent(), doCommand, focus, getAttribute(), getAttributeNode(), getAttributeNodeNS(), getAttributeNS(), getBoundingClientRect(), getClientRects(), getElementsByAttribute, getElementsByAttributeNS, getElementsByClassName(), getElementsByTagName(), getElementsByTagNameNS(), getFeature, getUserData, hasAttribute(), hasAttributeNS(), hasAttributes(), hasChildNodes(), insertBefore(), isDefaultNamespace(), isEqualNode, isSameNode, isSupported(), lookupNamespaceURI, lookupPrefix, normalize(), querySelector(), querySelectorAll(), removeAttribute(), removeAttributeNode(), removeAttributeNS(), removeChild(), removeEventListener(), replaceChild(), setAttribute(), setAttributeNode(), setAttributeNodeNS(), setAttributeNS(), setUserData

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