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A triple can be included inside a rule's conditions element. It is used to check for an assertion within a graph. If such an assertion exists, the rule may match, assuming that all the conditions match. If the assertion does not exist, the rule will not match. Both the subject and object attributes may be variables.

The subject of a triple is an RDF resource. In an RDF file this would usually be an RDF Description element. The predicate would be a child element or property. For example, for a bookmark resource, the name and URL would be predicates. They should be specified in their full URI form. The object is the value of the RDF property.

More information is available in the XUL tutorial.

object, predicate, subject


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Type: string
The object of the element. It can be a variable reference, an RDF resource URI, or an RDF literal value.
Type: URI
The predicate or property to match. This must be a URI of the property.
Type: string
The subject of the element. It can be a variable reference or an RDF resource URI.

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