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The notificationbox element is used to display notifications above an element. Typically the element will be a browser, but any element may be used. The notification element is used for each notification, and will be created automatically for each item. Each notification will slide in and out as needed. This element is used, for example, to implement the yellow information bar in various Firefox windows.


The notification box is a vertical box which may have children. The notifications appear at the top of the box. The notifications may be placed at the bottom by setting the dir attribute to reverse.

Finding the current notification box

Within a Firefox extension, you can retrieve the current notification box for a specific tab by calling the global function getNotificationBox():

notifyBox = chromeWin.getNotificationBox(notifyWindow)
notifyBox = getNotificationBox(notifyWindow) // applies to current context's window object

Here, chromeWin is the XUL window (usually just window), and notifyWindow is the web content window for the tab you want to find the notification box for.

Also it is possible to call function with the same name (they are different) of global object gBrowser:

notifyBox = gBrowser.getNotificationBox()


<notificationbox flex="1">
  <browser src="http://www.mozilla.org"/>

There is a more complex code available in the Code Snippets area. 



currentNotification, allNotifications, notificationsHidden


appendNotification, getNotificationWithValue, removeAllNotifications, removeCurrentNotification, removeNotification, removeTransientNotifications,


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Type: notification element
The currently displayed notification element or null. This property is read-only.
Type: nodeList
NodeList of all notifications. This property is read-only.
Type: boolean
Indicating whether the notification area should be hidden.


Type: Event
Fired when a notification element is shown.
Type: Event
Fired when a notification element is closed.


Inherited Methods
addEventListener(), appendChild(), blur, click, cloneNode(), compareDocumentPosition, dispatchEvent(), doCommand, focus, getAttribute(), getAttributeNode(), getAttributeNodeNS(), getAttributeNS(), getBoundingClientRect(), getClientRects(), getElementsByAttribute, getElementsByAttributeNS, getElementsByClassName(), getElementsByTagName(), getElementsByTagNameNS(), getFeature(), getUserData, hasAttribute(), hasAttributeNS(), hasAttributes(), hasChildNodes(), insertBefore(), isDefaultNamespace(), isEqualNode, isSameNode, isSupported(), lookupNamespaceURI, lookupPrefix, normalize(), querySelector(), querySelectorAll(), removeAttribute(), removeAttributeNode(), removeAttributeNS(), removeChild(), removeEventListener(), replaceChild(), setAttribute(), setAttributeNode(), setAttributeNodeNS(), setAttributeNS(), setUserData

appendNotification( label , value , image , priority , buttons, eventCallback )
Return type: element
Create a new notification and display it. If another notification is already present with a higher priority, the new notification will be added behind it.
Priority Levels (defined as properties of notificationbox) :
Buttons :
The buttons argument is an array of button descriptions. Each description is an object with the following properties:
getNotificationWithValue( value )
Return type: notification element
Retrieve the notification with a particular value. The value is specified when adding the notification with appendNotification. If no matching value is found, returns null.
removeAllNotifications( immediate )
Return type: no return value
Remove all notifications. If immediate is true, the messages are removed immediately. If immediate is false, the notifications are removed using a slide transition.
Return type: no return value
Remove the current notification.
removeNotification( item )
Return type: element
Remove a notification, displaying the next one if the removed item is the current one.
removeTransientNotifications( )
Return type: no return value
Remove only those notifications that have a persistence value of zero, and decrements by one the persistence value of those that have a non-zero value.