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A treeitem should be placed inside a treechildren element and should contain treerow elements. The treeitem can be clicked by the user to select the row of the tree. The treeitem contains a single row and all of what appear to the user as that row's descendants.

In a template condition, you should use a treeitem instead of a content element when the dont-build-content flag is specified. Set the uri attribute to the variable name to bind to a content node during matching.

More information is available in the XUL tutorial.

container, empty, label, open, uri


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Type: boolean
Set to true if the element is to act as a container which can have child elements. This would be used for folders. This will be set by the template builder as needed.
Type: boolean
Set to true if the element is a container that contains no children. This will be set by the template builder as needed.
Tipo: string  (concatenación de caracteres)
Para un árbol tree con columnas simples, la etiqueta puede ser colocada directamnete sobre el elemeto "treeitem" sin la necesidad de una fila "row" y un elemento "treeitem" dentro.


Type: boolean
For the menu type buttons, the open attribute is set to true when the menu is open. The open attribute is not present if the menu is closed.
Type: string
For template-generated content, the attribute should be placed on the element where content generation should begin. Thus, it should be placed on an element that is a descendant of a template. The value should be set to rdf:*.
Elements that appear inside the element with the attribute will be repeated for each node in the RDF datasource. Elements outside will appear only once.


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