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When a container's contents which are larger that the size of the container, scroll bars may be placed at the side of the container to allow the user to scroll around in the container. The scroll bar may also be used independently when a numeric value or percentage needs to be selected by the user. The user can adjust the position of the scroll bar by clicking arrows on either end of the scroll bar or by dragging the scroll bar thumb around.

More information is available in the XUL tutorial.

curpos, increment, maxpos, pageincrement


<scrollbar curpos="5" maxpos="50"/>


Type: integer
The current position of the scrollbar, which ranges from 0 to the value of the maxpos attribute. The default value is 0.
Type: integer
The amount by which the curpos (for scroll bars) or value (for number boxes and scale) attribute changes when the arrows are clicked(or scales are dragged). The default value is 1.
Type: integer
The maximum position of the scrollbar. The default value is 100.
Type: integer
The amount by which the value of the curpos or value attribute changes when the tray of the scroll bar (the area in which the scroll bar thumb moves) is clicked, or when the page up or page down keys are pressed. The default value is 10.


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