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Type: string
The label that will appear on the element. If this is left out, no text appears. For an editable menuitem element the value of this attribute is copied to the menulist.value property upon user selection of the menuitem.

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Examples in JavaScript

<label value="Whaw" id="the-big-label" command="the-big-button"/>
<button id="the-big-button" label="Click me"

<label id="myLabel" value="My label"/>
<button label="Click me"
	oncommand="document.getElementById('myLabel').setAttribute('value','Value changed');" />

<checkbox label="my Checkbox" id="myCheckboX"/>
<button label="Another click"
	oncommand="document.getElementById('myCheckboX').setAttribute('label','Still not checked');"/>
<button label="Show label of checkbox"
	oncommand="alert( document.getElementById('myCheckboX').getAttribute('label') )"/>