Used to link element and accessible object. For that XBL binding, element should implement the interface.
Inherits from: nsISupports Last changed in Gecko 1.9 (Firefox 3)


Attribute Type Description
accessible nsIAccessible Read only. Obsolete since Gecko 1.9
accessibleType long Value representing the type of accessible object. See constants for details. Read only.


Common use Constants

Constant Value Description
NoAccessible 0 Do not create an accessible for this object This is useful if an ancestor binding already implements nsIAccessibleProvider, but no accessible is desired for the inheriting binding.
OuterDoc 0x00000001 For elements that spawn a new document. For example now it is used by <xul:iframe>, <xul:browser> and <xul:editor>.

XUL Controls Constants

Constant Value Description
XULAlert 0x00001001  
XULButton 0x00001002  
XULCheckbox 0x00001003  
XULColorPicker 0x00001004  
XULColorPickerTile 0x00001005  
XULCombobox 0x00001006  
XULDropmarker 0x00001007  
XULGroupbox 0x00001008  
XULImage 0x00001009  
XULLink 0x0000100A  
XULListbox 0x0000100B  
XULListCell 0x00001026  
XULListHead 0x00001024  
XULListHeader 0x00001025  
XULListitem 0x0000100C  
XULMenubar 0x0000100D  
XULMenuitem 0x0000100E  
XULMenupopup 0x0000100F  
XULMenuSeparator 0x00001010  
XULPane 0x00001011  
XULProgressMeter 0x00001012  
XULScale 0x00001013  
XULStatusBar 0x00001014  
XULRadioButton 0x00001015  
XULRadioGroup 0x00001016  
XULTab 0x00001017 The single tab in a dialog or tabbrowser/editor interface.
XULTabBox 0x00001018 A combination of a tabs object and a tabpanels object.
XULTabs 0x00001019 The collection of tab objects, usable in the TabBox and independent of as well.
XULText 0x0000101A  
XULTextBox 0x0000101B  
XULThumb 0x0000101C  
XULTree 0x0000101D  
XULTreeColumns 0x0000101E  
XULTreeColumnItem 0x0000101F  
XULToolbar 0x00001020  
XULToolbarSeparator 0x00001021  
XULTooltip 0x00001022  
XULToolbarButton 0x00001023  

XForms elements Constants

Constant Value Description
XFormsContainer 0x00002000 Used for xforms elements that provide accessible object for itself as well for anonymous content. This property is used for upload, input[type="xsd:gDay"] and input[type="xsd:gMonth"]
XFormsLabel 0x00002001 Used for label element.
XFormsOuput 0x00002002 Used for output element.
XFormsTrigger 0x00002003 Used for trigger and submit elements.
XFormsInput 0x00002004 Used for input and textarea elements.
XFormsInputBoolean 0x00002005 Used for input[xsd:boolean] element.
XFormsInputDate 0x00002006 Used for input[xsd:date] element.
XFormsSecret 0x00002007 Used for secret element.
XFormsSliderRange 0x00002008 Used for range element represented by slider.
XFormsSelect 0x00002009 Used for select and select1 that are implemented using host document's native widget. For example, a select1 in a xhtml document may be represented by the native html control html:select.
XFormsChoices 0x00002010 Used for xforms choices element.
XFormsSelectFull 0x00002011 Used for xforms full select/select1 elements that may be represented by group of checkboxes and radiogroup.
XFormsItemCheckgroup 0x00002012 Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select elements represented by group of checkboxes.
XFormsItemRadiogroup 0x00002013 Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select1 elements represented by radio group.
XFormsSelectCombobox 0x00002014 Used for xforms select1 element that is represented by combobox.
XFormsItemCombobox 0x00002015 Used for xforms item element that is used inside xforms select1 elements represented by combobox.
XFormsDropmarkerWidget 0x00002101 Used for dropmarker widget that is used by xforms elements.
XFormsCalendarWidget 0x00002102 Used for calendar widget that is used by xforms elements.
XFormsComboboxPopupWidget 0x00002103 Used for popup widget that is used by xforms minimal select1 elements.