Pork is a C++ parsing and rewriting tool chain. The core of Pork is a C++ parser that provides exact character positions for the start and end of every AST node, as well as the set of macro expansions that contain any location. This information allows C++ to be automatically rewritten in a precise way. The inputs driving the rewriting would normally be provided by a program-analysis system outside of Pork. (See Dehydra, Treehydra).

Pork has been tested mostly on Linux, but in theory it should be possible to make it work on other systems.

Note: Pork is not presently used at Mozilla. Please refer to the oink link below for a more up-to-date toolchain.

Pork is based on the Elsa (and Oink) tool chain, and the MCPP preprocessor. As of October 2009 Oink incorporates the Pork functionality into its standard distribution; look for files and tests having the prefix "xform".


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