This documentation is obsolete.

The documentation listed below is archived, obsolete material about MDN itself.

Content kits
MDN Content Kits are subject-based collections of technical resources to help you host a local developer meetup or give a technical presentation at an event, conference, or workshop.
How to link a GitHub account to your MDN profile
All users who wish to contribute to MDN must add a GitHub login to their MDN account in order to edit. This article describes how to add GitHub authentication to your MDN profile.
MDN and Persona sign-ins
Starting on November 1, 2016, we only support GitHub for logging into MDN. If you didn't add a GitHub login to your MDN account before we disabled Persona logins, please file an "Account Help" bug on Bugzilla.
New Compatibility Tables Beta
You're probably here because you followed the beta notice link from one of our new compatibility tables. (No? Want to see the new tables? Make yourself a beta tester.)
A zone is a special area of MDN whose content is presented with some added user interface elements, such as a special zone navigation box and enhanced visuals in the header area of the page.